Monday, March 7, 2016


Today we went to our first baseball game of the 2016 Spring Training season. Because we had tickets for the PBR Saturday and Sunday, we missed Opening Day, so today was our first game. The Mariners were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks at the Mariners home field in Peoria.

I do have to admit I had sort of forgotten how far it was over to Peoria from our RV park. Maybe because I was still tired from the weekend, it seemed like the forty minute drive took a couple hours!

To make life a bit easier, we elected to get seats in the Handicapped area. They provide one space for a walker or a wheelchair, then a folding chair for a companion. This year the section has very nice padded folding chairs with armrests. Most people moved from their chairs or walkers to sit in the chairs. We were just to the left of home plate. It was sunny, but the shade moved over by mid-game. When the breeze came up, it was actually chilly.

There are many new faces playing for the Mariners as well a new manager, At Spring Training, the regulars only play the first four innings or so. Then they pick up their gear and head into the clubhouse. That leaves the new guys, the Minor League players and the wannabes to have their chance to shine.

Today Colleen and Dennis were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. We made arrangements to meet them after the game at the Mall American Sports Grill in Fountain Hills and take them out to dinner. They are leaving Eagle View tomorrow for more shows. We'll not see them again until they are back in Washington, so it was nice to have an evening together.

Of course, we all had to get home in time to put our feet up and watch the Gonzaga basketball game!

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