Friday, March 4, 2016

Hot Today!

It was hot today and I guess we'd better have enjoyed it as the weather forecast says it's going to start cooling off tomorrow and we might even have some rain by Sunday.

We decided to get groceries earlier today. I was thinking we might be less exhausted if we didn't go so late in the day. We've been going in the late afternoon when it has cooled off a bit. Well, it was a good idea, but it didn't make much difference. By the time we got everything in the house and put away we were both pooped. Forry was sleeping in his chair, so I turned on the ceiling fan and napped in the bedroom. We probably should have turned on the A/C as even with the fan on, it was sweaty.

I bought as much frozen prepared food as I thought could fit into the freezer. Our Spring Training baseball tickets start next week and I was trying to think ahead about some easier to fix meals. Safeway has totally redone their produce department - can you say a produce department is gorgeous?! It looks almost like something you would see at Seattle's Pike Street Market!

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