Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Computer Doc

Well, it wasn't the hard drive, but a secondary video drive that was causing my computer to not start. I was sure I was going to need to get a new computer, but I guess not. Scott, known as Techie4Hire, was able to do some repairs and replacing and we are back in business.  He had to reload everything from my Carbonite backup (it took almost 24 hours). Then there was all the fun of trying to find the license numbers, etc. in order re-install QuickBooks and Office and the other programs. Such fun!

Scott was here fairly early this morning and then off and on a good share of the day. I'm just hoping that the fix will be good enough with all the updates to get a couple more years out of my ASUS laptop.

It's been nice having a computer fix-it guy here in the RV park. I would hate to have to be trying to fix it with someone in town. I imagine we would have just given up and gone to Costco for a new one...

I tried oven roasting young carrots, little potatoes and an onion with balsamic vinegar and olive oil to go with our steak for dinner tonight. I probably should have parboiled the carrots as they weren't real tender, but they were nicely caramelized and sure were good!  I am just about out of my olive oil from the Queen Creek Olive Mill. I'll need to re-stock before we leave here.

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