Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mariners Beat the Cubs

I am very used to having a family of Mariner fans. I have delighted in sending Mariner goodies to my great nieces and nephews. And now we have a Great-granddaughter to dress in Mariner garb. There's just one, albeit it minor, problem. They live in Illinois and her Daddy, along with his family, is an ardent Cubbie fan! We have already seen a picture of the poor babe in a Chicago Cubs onesie!

Poor little Kahlyn! As soon as we get to the Post Office, she'll have a REAL onesie. Her Mommy, who grew up watching Junior Griffey, can hardly wait.

Anyway, the Mariners played the Cubs today. It was a good game. The Ms started off in the lead, but after the big boys left, the Cubbies pulled ahead. But some bad luck for the Cubs pitching led to a series of walks with a run walked in. The Mariners ended up winning10-8.

It was a very hot day, lots of sunshine with absolutely no clouds. Our seats today were further down the first base side along the outfield. It's a lot harder to focus on the game from that much distance. You're not close enough to see facial expressions and it takes a lot more concentration to keep score.

One thing about it, we certainly added to our tans today!

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