Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Toes and Eyebrows

I wanted make one more trip to Fountain Hills Nails before we left the area to head north. My purple toenails were looking a bit sad and chipped. I made an appointment for one o'clock figuring that we would be back before Andrew and the boys got here to give Auntie Violet her bath. I called Andrew to let him know that we had closed all the windows and vents in case in case they got here before we got back. Turns out they probably wouldn't get to it until tomorrow anyway the ways things were going...

The Fountain Hills Nails shop is run by a large Vietnamese family. I went there the first time with my friend Colleen and have been there a couple more times since. I'm not sure how many people are involved, but I counted eight of them working today. And I didn't see a couple that I remembered from before. They are all beautiful, bi-lingual hard-working women who do a lovely job.

I went from a deep purple to pale lavender toenails today. Hopefully, that and my tidy eyebrows will last me for a several weeks.

We stopped by the office when we got back to Eagle View to pick up the box of mail from Daughter MM and to see if it would be possible for us to stay an extra week or so. We were planning to leave on the first, but the weather on our route north has been nasty with lots of wind predicted. We'll have to move over a few sites, but that will work for us.

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