Thursday, March 31, 2016


We will be moving tomorrow. Not very far, just across the road and down a couple of sites. We paid for another week. Hopefully, by that time, the weather on our way north will be a bit nicer.

Forry started packing up a couple of the outside chairs. He called me to come help him put them in the bags. Before we were finished, the neighbor was even over helping. With Jeff's help, we flipped them over and got them in the bags. We'll just carry the other two chairs over to the new site in the morning. We folded up the big outside rug and Forry stashed it in the back of the truck. The silver plate wind chimes and the metal birds joined it in the rig.

Tomorrow we'll have to remove the props under the passenger side slide; pull in the slides and drive over and back into the new site. I think we'll probably not worry about emptying the tanks until later in the week.

I did a few loads of laundry this afternoon. We had a container of ham and bean soup that Neighbor Mike brought over that Patti had made from a ham he smoked. It sure was good - and I didn't have to cook supper!

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