Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Verde Valley Railway

Well, we checked another item off our Bucket List today. We were up early and were out of the house by nine and over to pick up Colleen and Dennis. We took the two hour plus drive north on 17 to Clarkdale. Clarkdale is just a few miles up the road from the old town of Cottonwood. Clarkdale was a company town built around a copper smelter. There is still a mountain of slag outside the town.

After going to the depot to pick up our tickets for the Verde Valley Railway (actually, only a copy of the receipt), we sat outside on the patio next to the tracks awaiting our one o'clock departure. We were assigned to a car named Flagstaff. Instead of the usual train seats, the car had armchairs arranged in sets of four on the left side and pairs on the right. Between each set of chairs was a small table already set with bowls of potato chips and napkins. As we seated ourselves, the host came around with glasses of chapagne or sparkling cider for every one.

And so began our four hour round railway trip to the ghost town of Perkinsville and back. I'm tired tonight, so I'll write more tomorrow.

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