Friday, April 14, 2017

A Day at Home

Clouds, clouds and more clouds! It was overcast and fairly windy all day. Then towards sunset those fast moving clouds moved away and we had sunshine. It's supposed to be nice all weekend. I've got my fingers crossed that the weatherman knows what he/she is talking about!

Today was finally a stay-at-home day. We really should have gotten groceries, but we figured we could get by. Forry drained the tanks and I did a lot of small chores that had just sort of piled up.

We had a whole bunch of brilliantly yellow goldfinches at the Nyjer seed bag this morning. At one time there must have been a dozen of them. As it got windier, the little birds had quite a time hanging on to the bag. It's a good thing they don't get seasick as that bag was really swinging with the wind.

Forry and I have always eaten a lot of sweet peppers. I usually buy at least six every time we get groceries. I cook with them and we often eat them sliced and salted in lieu of canned or frozen vegetables with meals. Brother Pat convinced me to try a bag of Sweet Mini Peppers. The seeds for these tasty little critters had been developed by the seed company he works for. They come in a two pound zip lock bag and are they ever good! It's always fun to find something new to eat - especially something that doesn't need any "fixing."

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