Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Very Busy Day

Thursday morning. So it's RV Park Koffee Klatch morning. It was breezy but sunny when I walked over to the Clubhouse. I don't know what was in the coffee, but lordy, the ladies were in a bitchy mood this morning. I heard more griping about just about everything than I've heard all winter!

Early this afternoon, Forry and I headed over to Menno to clean out the Pastor's Study. It has not been done for several years. There was just a lot of very old stuff that no one had gone through for a very long time. Forry removed paper clips and shredded papers while I emptied out shelves. It was a pretty dusty job.  We made our way through the file cabinets, but there are still a couple of shelving units that I need to sort through.

We  stayed at Menno for tonight's Seder meal. There were about thirty people in attendance. Diane and her crew prepared an a delicious meal. It was an excellent way to spend Maundy Thursday evening.

We drove home under a starry sky. There has been many cumulonimbus clouds building up as we drove to Menno, but they had all anvilled out and cleared out by this evening.

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