Monday, April 10, 2017

Sunshine and Clouds

This seems to be the pattern of our days. It rained - again - during the night. This morning the sun was shining. Then the clouds started coming by and coming over. It was quite warm in the afternoon, then the sun would go behind a cloud and it was chilly. By the time the sun set, we had occasional pink clouds flirting with the beautiful full moon.

The finches are back! I bought some bags of niger seed when we were in town the other day and hung one in the little tree by the RV. This morning the finches had found it.

They are such bright yellow colors and the white and black of their wings and tails is very new and crisp. It's such fun to watch them. By this evening they had the bag down to almost its last quarter!

We watched the Mariners first home game this afternoon. Paxton did a wonderful job of pitching. It was so nice to see them get their act together for the home crowd.

Other than watching the game, I did a couple loads of laundry and some paperwork and that was about it for today.

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