Sunday, April 30, 2017

Another Sabbath Day

Of course, since it was Sunday, we were up early. I had some poppyseed mini-muffins in the freezer that I took out, stuck in the microwave for a minute, and served for breakfast. It works a lot better when I think about Sunday breakfasts ahead of time.

It was windy on the way over to Menno. The wind gusts were pretty nasty. Many farmers have been out in the fields during the last week or so, so there is a certain amount of loose soil. As the wind hit that loose ground, it picked it up and then we had DUST! The wind gusts were localized, so these were just individual little dust storms, not the rolling clouds of dust that mean an actual dust storm. It still wasn't pleasant driving.

Today was the last Sunday before our Interim pastors arrive. Keith Schaeffer has filled the pulpit for us many times over the past four months. It's been great having him. He's often mentioned his addiction to Snickers bars, so this morning the children each brought him one when it was time for the Children's Story. Then at the end of the service, Board Chair Dennis presented him with a huge Snickers bar and several other small momentos. We will certainly miss him.

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