Friday, April 7, 2017


It rained again during the night and it was overcast when we got up this morning. There was a bit of a breeze early, but it got windier the longer the day went on. By mid-afternooo it had gotten very gusty. It rattles the covers on the slides when it blows that hard. It's not the most pleasant sound to listen to.

Not sure what was happening with the neighbor's plans to move after his wife got here on Saturday. Mid-morning he drove up in his truck (which he's had parked down in the storage lot); hooked up his trailer; and drove it away. A while later, he came back in his pickup and dug up the pole that had his TV satellite antenna. And just like that, he was gone and Site A11 was empty.

By sundown the wind finally began to die down. Most of the clouds were gone and the almost full moon was showing its face. It may end up being pretty chilly tonight.

We are watching the Mariners game. They've certainly not had a very good start to their season. They only won one of the four games they played in Houston. Now they are down 5-1 in their first  game in Los Angeles in the 8th inning...

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