Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Home Day

Sometimes it becomes important to just stay home. Seems like we haven't had a quiet day for a while, so today was it. I finished laundering Forry's jeans and sweatshirt from our visit to the farm plus a load of underwear.

It rained again during the night and was overcast this morning. Then the clouds burned off and there was a bit of actual sun. Next it got windy and a bunch of very black cumulonimbus clouds startd coming over. We began to hear thunder rumblings that came closer and closer until they were right overhead. And it poured! Great big drops of rain and even a bit of hail! About fifteen minutes or so later, it was all gone and the sun was shining again. It's been a long time since we've been in a thunderstorm.

I grilled a steak for dinner to split with Forry along with some dressing. I had bought a jar of pickled asparagus at the Mercantile. I served some spears with dinner, but they were so hot that neither of us could eat them. I think my brother is going to be gifted with the rest of the jar!

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