Sunday, April 9, 2017

Rest Day

We had gone to bed early last night, so it was much easier getting up this morning. Evidently, I didn't go back and check last night's blog posting. After Sister Sherry said something, I looked and sure enough I had to post it today...

The sun was shining, sun glasses were very necessary! So nice. There was a good turnout this morning for Palm Sunday. It was a delight to have Sally Dyck speaking this morning. She was here from Chicago both to visit her parents, Al and Marge; and to preside at Rose Bauer's Memorial Service yesterday. Sally grew up at Menno and is now a bishop in the Methodist Church. Sally's brother Bill was Worship Leader. When I glanced over, I could see a very happy smile on their mother's face.

I queried people on Facebook yesterday about whether it was time to take off the flannel sheets. I took the majority opinion and put them back on last night. And sure enough, it got really cold.

The Mariners had a very good game going when we got home this afternoon - until the 9th inning anyway! I couldn't believe the Bullpen gave it away - AGAIN!

We had taped the PBR in Montana today, so watched it after the baseball game. It was fun to see JB Mooney win this one. I think it's his first win this year. And better yet, he's healthy, which means we'll get to see him ride in person in Tacoma in two weeks. He was convalescing last time we saw the PBR live in Arizona.

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