Sunday, April 2, 2017

They're Back!

I had trouble getting going this morning. I think I fell back to sleep after the alarm went off on my phone...

So we had to hustle a bit to get to church in time. It was busy as we went by the Dam. There were lots and lots of rigs and trailers. But we didn't see many boats out on the lake - think it was just too rough out there. The wind was gusting and there were some hefty waves. About half the RV spaces at Mardon are filled as well.

When we got to Menno, we were welcomed with hugs from our friends Dennis and Colleen. They had just returned to Ritzville from their winter vending season in the Southwest. It was so good to see them! We usually meet up with them several times during the season when we are in Arizona. We've missed them greatly.

We drove into Ritzville after SS and met Dennis and Colleen at the Crab Creek Cafe and caught up over a long lunch. They've got a couple more shows, then they'll be here for a while, while Colleen gets some new knees. It will be great having them here for most of the summer.

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