Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Laundry Day

It was overcast and chilly this this morning. Very discouraging after the absolutely beautiful day we had yesterday. It seems like Spring is acting like a big tease. We have a lovely day, get our hopes up, then she swings back to nasty wet and cold!

I folded and put away the clothes I had hung to dry yesterday, then promptly washed a couple more loads and hung them up to finish drying. My little Splendide washer/dryer works best if I wash a load, dry it on the shortest cycle, then hang it to finish drying. There's very little wrinkling that way.

i spent some time this afternoon working on preparations for tomorrow night's Church Board meeting. I printed off the agenda and last month's minutes. Then I worked on the Devotions I am in charge of this month. I think I've got everything ready.

Dinner tonight was a hamburger for me and a cheeseburger for Forry. I had thought about broiling a steak and baking some potatoes, but neither one of us were that hungry. Add some chips and life is good.

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