Wednesday, April 12, 2017

And More Rain!

I heard rain on the roof during the night. AND it has rained on and off ALL day - mostly on. There are puddles in all the roads around and through the park. The maintenance guys mowed the lawns again yesterday. With all the rain, they are greening up nicely. I even saw a few dandelions behind Auntie Violet. The willow trees are leafing out into a pretty yellow green. The birch trees behind us are also beginning to leaf out. The little tree in front of the RV is showing its brilliant red leaves.

I went out during a short lull in the rain and hung a new bag of niger seed for the finches. We saw one of the red-headed ones there for a few minutes, but it was just too wet for most of them to come out. The first bag I had put out was completely empty when we got home last night.

What do you do on a very rainy day? Bible Study was cancelled for tonight, so we decided not to go in and get groceries. I did some cleaning up at my desk, putting some stuff away in the files. It is so much easier to get something out than it is to put it away...!

I took a couple of boneless chicken thighs out of the freezer and used them to make some chicken noodle soup. Some dried parsley flakes, egg noodles, a couple of carrots, some celery chopped up along with a bit of garlic. I added some lemon juice when I served it for a bit of zest. It was good and hit the spot on a damp night.

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