Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Driving Day

We made a trip in to Moses Lake late morning, then headed on up to Spokane. It is so strange to see the "wetlands" from outside of Sprague Lake to outside of Spokane. There are small lakes in places I've never seen water before. The ditches along the road are filled and the fields look pretty soggy.

We made a short stop at Costco and picked up a couple of inexpensive sleeping bags to use at camp. I think we gave all of ours away. Forry thinks there may still be a couple yet down at the ranch... We stopped at the storage unit in Spokane to get Forry's other walker. We want to loan it to our new interim pastor to use after his hip surgery.

Our last stop was at my favorite place to eat, Gordy's Szechuan. We enjoyed our usual appetizer of Sesame Seed Shrimp then shared one of tonight's specials,  Beef Medallions and Fresh Asparagus in Black Bean Sauce. We always seem to finish by sharing a dish of ice cream topped with their house chocolate sauce with orange rind - so good!

We returned home in time to catch the third inning of the Mariners/Astros game. They're in the 7th and are behind 6-3. Hmm, I don't like that!

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