Saturday, April 15, 2017

Extra Passenger

We were getting ourselves organized to head down to Sister Sherry's by Touchet for the Easter weekend, when Brother Pat called and told us he had a passenger for us. Seems he had caught a stray cat in his skunk trap. He asked around the neighborhood, but no one claimed it or recognized it. So since Sherry has been short of cats, he thought we should take down to her. We met him at the Fishing Area parking lot at the intersection of Road M. He handed over a carrier with a very quiet striped kitty.

The valley of the Touchet River was gorgeous as we drove through it today. Everything is so green and lovely. Sherry met us at the farm gate with her younger mastiff Keiko San. We talk on the telephone frequently and are in email contact pretty much daily, but we had not seen her in person since Thanksgiving. So, happy hugs!

We settled the new cat in the shop with food, water and a heat lamp, then settled in for a chat. Sherry fixed a supper of spare ribs and fresh asparagus that we had picked on the way at the Mercantile. Today was a very nice day!

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