Saturday, March 1, 2014

And Down Came the Rain!

Well, it didn't come last night when the forecasters said it would, but about 5 AM there was thunder and lightning and RAIN! It rained pretty steadily for about an hour. It's the first rain in this part of Arizona since December 20th! 70 days without rain! This is what it looked like outside of Auntie Violet when we got up --

It had been so windy and gusty last night that we went out in the dark and lowered the canopy to its lowest setting and folded up the chaise lounges and tables. We found the one chair that didn't get folded up over by the fence this morning.

It smells so fresh and clean outside. The rain has really settled the dust. Dark clouds kept moving through all day and by afternoon it had started to rain again. We've had several sessions of thunder and lightning off and on all day as the thunderclouds moved through.

There are a lot more puddles now then when we got up this morning. We have been getting warnings all day about areal (saturated ground) flooding in the area.

The Mariners got seven innings of their game in in Peoria today before the thunderstorms hit, but won their third Spring Training game. We have tickets for their game over in Goodyear tomorrow against the Cleveland Indians. I hope it'll be a nicer day than today!

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