Friday, April 1, 2016

Tough Day...

Well, I guess it's a good thing we decided we would stay on here another week. We certainly would not have put on a lot of miles today. Forry has been complaining a lot about pain in his legs and one of them seems to want to give out on him every once in a while. He used a chair while we were bringing in the sewer, electric and water hoses, but it still wore him out. We got the slides in with most of the stuff put away.

Then when it was time to pull up the jacks and start the engine, we had nothing! I pulled the car around and put the jumper cables on, but still nothing. Just no juice! One of the maintenance guys came along with his pickup and added his jumpers to the mix. After a l-o-n-g twenty minutes or so, we finally had enough juice to start the engine. The maintenance guy hung around, picked up the jack pads and brought them over to the new site and put them in place. He even took over my planned task of hosing down the old site to tidy it up for me. All with a big smile!

Forry was exhausted when we got to the new site and slept in his recliner all the rest of the afternoon. I wasn't too active myself as I had managed to hit my head on the corner of the slide while I was hooking things up. Fortunately, I was wearing my usual bandanna headband (to keep the sweat out of my eyes) as head wounds bleed so darn much. I would have been a bloody mess without it.

Granddaughter Havela and Ben moved today as well. The lease on their little house in the country was up and they have been unable to find another place they can afford, so have moved into Ben's parents' basement. The one nice thing about it is that his folks have good wifi service, so we were able to Skype with them this evening. It is so fun to see how active little Great Grandaughter Kahlyn has gotten. She was having a great time chattering and climbing all over her Mama and the couch.

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