Monday, April 4, 2016

A Clean Auntie Violet

The boys from ANS Detailing were here a few minutes before eight this morning. Andrew sounded a whole lot better than he had when I talked to him on Friday. He and his crew had had a rough week with lots of work. He said they were exhausted. But after a weekend's rest, they were raring to go.

You cannot believe the amount of dirt that rolled off of the roof. We had had the rigs washed and waxed when we arrived last fall, so just had them washed today. Such a difference it made!

I had been fussing about the screen on the exhaust fan in the kitchen needing to be cleaned. Forry was using the step stool to undo the clips holding it up, but couldn't keep his balance. So I ended climbing up and managed to undo it. Because it's in the kitchen, it was greasy fuzz and dust. I ended up using a brush along with the cleaner to get it clean. The blades of the fan were just as grimy. I found the easiest thing to use was some of the Clorox wipes. There were so dirty it took almost a wipe sheet per blade! The only trouble with doing something like the fan, is it makes the area around it need cleaning. Maybe another day.

Today was Opening Day for the Mariners down in Texas. Unfortunately, Felix didn't have his best outing and they lost 2-3, in spite of first inning home runs by Cano and Seager. It was fun to "chat" with Havela and Ben during the game - we may make a Mariner fan out of him yet! Or maybe we'll have to start watching some Cubs games with them...

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