Saturday, April 9, 2016

Lots of Miles

We are settled in at Meteor Crater RV Park near Winslow, Arizona for the next couple of nights. I'm watching the Mariners game while Forry is snoring in his recliner.

Our usual practice after we have everything ready to go is for me to stand in front of the RV while Forry uses the turn signals; then I walk around to the back of the rig and check that the rear turn signal lights and the brake lights are also working. Next I walk a bit to the side, standing where Forry can see me in his side mirrors, and wave him forward so that I can see that the wheels on Toad II are turning freely and following nicely. Well, this morning they weren't! I waved Forry down and we went through the whole procedure of preparing the Toad to be towed. And once more it didn't work. We never did figure out what we were doing wrong, but it took four attempts before everything finally worked correctly.

We headed out for Highway 17, going all the way through Phoenix and its suburbs. It takes over an hour just  to drive through. Makes you realize just how sprawled out an urban area it is. It's a huge altitude gain as you head north. I think we were up over 5000 feet by the time we turned onto I40 at Flagstaff. We made a couple of rest area stops on the way and bought some expensive diesel ($3.09) at a Shell station.

We pulled into the Meteor Crater RV Park a little after 4:30 and had a pleasant surprise. The lady at the desk told us since this was our fifth visit to their park,  tonight would be free! What a lovely way to treat your guests!

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