Monday, April 25, 2016

A Weekend With My Sister

I think one of the reasons I like spending time at Sister Sherry's is the lack of contact with the outside world. There is no cell phone coverage down along the Touchet River. Sherry has wireless through the REA, but you have to be in the house to make connection.  So from where we park Auntie Violet at the other side of the farmyard down by the shop, the wifi doesn't reach.

I don't know which of Sherry's critters I enjoy watching more: there are the peacocks, strutting around like they own the world, fanning their tails and screeching their alarm calls; there are the chickens like the little black hen who is hiding a nest somewhere in the shrubs near the RV along with her pretty rooster escort; or the herd of miniature horses eagerly awaiting their evening ration of hay; or the large rescued draft horses grazing across the hillside. Aw, it's easy to decide. It has to be the Sherry's shadows, the three mastiffs.

If you want to know where Sherry is, whether she's in the shop, the green house, or back at the house, all you have to do is look for the dogs. The two females, Corin and Lady Bug never venture far. But Keiko is always torn. He'd love to follow me or come and play , but he can't stand to stray very far from his human.

We took our time getting organized this morning, then drove the 93 miles to Pier 4 RV Resort in Moses Lake where we had reservations through ROD (Resorts of Distinction). They tried to give us a back-in site, saying there were no pull-thrus available (I got the impression they had only certain sites for ROD). But when we got to the assigned site, I discovered that both of the handles on the water spigot were broken off. I called the office to see what they wanted us to do. The ladies from the office came to check it out and decided they needed to move us to a longer pull-thru.

So we are settled in Site 206 and life is good.

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