Monday, April 18, 2016

Almost Out of Utah

We are at what used to be the Lottie Dell Campground in Snowville, Utah. We have stopped here for several years, spending a night or two on our way north. We have chatted a few times with the old man who owned it. A collector of antique tractors, the old guy has had a rough time. An unscrupulous auctioneer managed to cheat him out of his tractor collection and didn't sell the campground which was supposed be the deal...

There are now new owners. I wondered when we called to see if the campground was open and instead of the old gentleman, got a very professional recording about rates and reservations. The system here has always been an honor system. You put your cash or check and registration in an envelope and put it through a slot in the wall. There have always been multiple dusty notes and thank you letters posted on the walls. The first thing I noticed went I went in the office was that these were all gone and the walls were very clean and tidy.

Later we met one of the new owners when she brought out my phone I had left in the office. (I took it out to get Auntie Violet's license plate number for the registration form and evidently left it....) She said they had purchased the campground last Fall.

We will decide in the morning whether we will go on to Boise in the morning or spend another rest day here. Forry is tired tonight, so we'll wait and see how he feels tomorrow.

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