Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mom and Pop RV Park

We only went 128 miles today, but they were literally rough miles. Highway 491 out of Gallup is one rough bumpy road. In the midst of it, there were 22 miles of road construction. Most of it shifted southbound traffic into one of the northbound lanes. They are pretty far along on the project as we could look over at lovely pavement almost ready to use. It looked like all they needed is to add shoulders and do some painting. There was a whole lot miles of highway on the other side of the construction that still needs work.

Most of the highway goes through the Navajo Nation reservation. Spring has not come to this part of the country yet. Most of it is pretty brown. We saw a few cows, quite a few horses and a couple of bands of sheep. Most of the houses seem very plain, without yards or plantings of any kind. Many had hogans alongside - we even saw a new one under construction.

We arrived in Farmington in the early afternoon. We had drained tanks this morning before we left Gallup, so I only hooked up water and electricity. The Mom and Pop RV Park is quite small, I think there are only 33 sites. There is a very elaborate model train setup beside the office. The lady in the office said they had bought the park last July from an 84 year old man who had created the train setup. The office was also full of various lead figures and models he had made.

If you saw some of my pictures on Facebook, you probably noticed all of black clouds. We had a few drops of rain right after we arrived. There were still many clouds around when the sun set and the prediction is for rain during the night.

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