Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dinner With the In-Laws

Well, with Daughter Dawn's in-laws anyway! Janny and Jerry drove in from Parma to have dinner with us tonight. It was so good to see them! Janny told someone at work today that they were going out to dinner with their son's in-laws and the lady gave her a funny look and said, "Why?"

I guess we are very fortunate. We like and enjoy both of our daughter's husband's parents. We would no way drive through Idaho without stopping to visit! It was good to catch up with all the kids and their families. One thing about it, we commiserated with each other about how old the kids were getting and how old that made us...

It was hot again today, I read one sign that said it was 93 degrees. We got showers this morning, then watched the Mariners beat Cleveland to take the series. After the game, we found an Albertson store and got groceries. It was hot enough bringing them in that we turned on the A/C and took a nap before we got ready to go meet Janny and Jerry.

We drained the tanks when we got back to the RV park, then we were going to watch TV. We watched Grey's Anatomy and that was it. I can no longer stand to watch Scandal as it's gotten so violent and we quit watching How to Get Away With Murder last season for the same reason. Oh well, time to curl up with my iPad and read...

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