Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another Trip to Town

The way I talk about it, you'd think that "town" was a long way off. It's more psychological than anything. You exit the RV park, take a short jaunt up the road onto the freeway, go over the overpass and you are there.

I was up very early (fiveish) as my arm fell asleep and was painful enough to wake me up. I got up to work it off and watched our neighbors, construction workers, leave for work. Then I crawled back in bed with Forry and slept for a few more hours.

We went back into Teddy Bear Car Care to get the air filter they had ordered yesterday. The tech recognized us from yesterday and was out and had it installed before Forry managed to get into the office to pay for it. That's good customer service!

Since we were in town, we went over to the Outfitter Store to look for some folding three-legged stools to sit on when we're hooking up water and sewer etc. they had what we wanted and even had a new shirt - with a pocket - for Forry. From there we went on over to Safeway to pick up some fresh fruit and frozen stuff.

I picked up fried chicken, jojos and broccoli salad at the deli, so we had n easy supper. They had some strawberries from California that actually tasted and smelled like strawberries, so we had dessert as well.

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