Friday, April 22, 2016

And Another State

Since we drained the tanks when we got home last night, we just had to put everything away this morning and we were ready to go. We had further to go today, so we ended up not getting into Wild Horse RV Park until a little after three.

Leaving Idaho, we followed I-84 into eastern Oregon. We drove alongside the Snake River for a bit, surprised that it wasn't flowing fuller. There were many herds of cattle - mostly black - along the way. Lots of mommies and babies. We passed a few dairies, lots of horses and a flock of sheep. As we headed into the mountains, we even spotted a small group of elk grazing along the road.

In contrast to the Snake, the Grand Ronde River was flowing full and fast. We could see snow on the distant mountains, but the road in the portion of the Blues we drove through was bare. It threatened rain all day, but we only had about a half hour of showers. Just enough to get rid of some of the bugs on the windshield.

We have stayed at Wild Horse RV Park many times. It is part of a casino, hotel, golf course, museum complex run by the Umatilla, Cayuse and Walla Walla Tribes. It is just a few miles outside of Pendleton, perched on the edge of the farms. It's in a lovely spot with green grass, flowers and trees. We briefly considered taking the shuttle over to the casino for dinner, but it seemed like it took too much energy. It rained hard for about an hour, maybe enough to wash some of the road grime off. I stuck some frozen Mac 'n Cheese in the oven and we settled in to watch the Mariners game on TV.

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