Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An Oil Change and Dinner Out

I was doing laundry this morning when Forry decided this would be a good day to get the oil changed in Toad II. I told him that if he would wait until the washer was done, I'd go into town with him. So that's what we did.

Forry likes a place called Teddy Bear Car Care for oil changes as they carry the Schaeffer Oil that he likes (you may remember our search for Schaeffer oil in Phoenix.). There was no one waiting in line for an oil change, so we got right in. They had a new oil filter for the Suzuki, but couldn't find a new air filter anywhere in town. They checked with us, then went ahead and ordered one that will arrive tomorrow morning. While we were there, we had the Toad, which was very dirty from the road grime picked up while being towed here, washed and vacuumed.

After a stop at the post office to drop off Son Sean's very late birthday card and the first half property taxes, we headed back to the RV park. We weren't there very long when we got a text from our friend Katherine saying they were in town and finished with their errands, so they could meet earlier for dinner than the 6:30 we had planned.

We met up with Kay and Dennis at Micheal's On The Lake for a great dinner and even better company. There is something special about spending time with folks you have known for years. Catching up with family news for lives that have intertwined for a generation or more is a treat.

We got back home in time to watch the latter part of the Mariners Rangers game - and the Mariners were winning!

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