Monday, April 11, 2016

On to Gallup

We woke up to a beautiful clear, but cold morning. It didn't take long to get breakfast; get everything we'd gotten out the past two days put away; slides in and jacks up. We checked the lights and watched the wheels on the Toad properly roll. Unlike yesterday morning, everything worked just like it was supposed to.

The Meteor Crater RV Park has a small souvenir store and gas pumps. We decided to go ahead and get dieseled up so that we would not have to make another stop. And besides, diesel was $2.09 a gallon versus the $3.19 we paid the other day. I paid with a credit card at the pump and filled up. I didn't get a receipt, so went inside to get one. When I asked for the receipt, the clerk printed it, then looked at me and asked if we hadn't stayed in the RV park last night. I said we had, then he said they gave a five cent per gallon discount to their guests. He proceeded to give me the refund in cash! 

I cannot say enough good about these folks that run Meteor Crater RV Park. Between the free night and the fuel discount, they were sure nice to us!

Our journey today took us through the last of Arizona and into the brilliant colors and scenery of New Mexico. Gallup is only about sixteen miles from the border. We had stayed here at USA RV Park three years ago. When I called to make a reservation, we were still in their books, so it was quick. We got everything hooked up and I even washed a load of laundry this afternoon.

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