Tuesday, April 19, 2016

And Now, Idaho!

Forry was feeling well-rested this morning, so we decided to keep going. We looked at the distance to Boise and decided we didn't want to drive that far in one day. We looked at RV parks along the way and found one that sounded nice and had good reviews in Eden, just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho. Anderson Camp is just off the freeway (I-84) with a Sinclair Station. It also has a small cafe with half a dozen tables that serves hamburgers and pizza.

We were assigned a long pull-thru site at the far end of the park. Most of the sites are grass and there are many flowering trees. It's a very pretty place and very green. The crew was setting sprinklers to water the lawn. When she moved one, it sprinkled Auntie Violet. The gal was extremely apologetic, saying she'd be right back with a towel to wipe the coach down. Forry assured her it was just fine, her sprinkler was nothing compared to the road grime we have picked up along the way!

The Mariners are in Cleveland today, so we were able to watch the game this afternoon. But darn, they lost 2-3!

I walked over to the office after the game and ordered us a sausage, mushroom and onion pizza. They made it up while I waited and I carried the very hot pie back to the motor coach. It was good - and I didn't have to cook!

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