Friday, April 8, 2016

We Move - A Little Ways

It rained hard during the night - for about two hours. I know, as I didn't sleep well, kept waking up intermittently. By six AM, I gave up and started putting stuff away. We were supposed to be at Gene's RV Shop for a 10 AM appointment, but we made such good time, we were there by 9:30. And they were running behind, so we didn't even get into the shop until after eleven!

Mike not only had two new hoses made, but he power washed the very oily radiator where hydraulic oil had been dripping. He thought it would only be about an hour's task, but it was after five pm when we finally paid the bill and left. By then it was way too late to leave for Meteor Crater which we had hoped to be our first stop. I tried to call a few of the many RV parks in the Mesa area, but since it was after five, all the offices were closed. I finally talked to a small park owner who said he had no pull-throughs, but he knew that Val Villa across the road from him did and that they had a full-time gate guard that could assign us a site.

So we headed about six miles down the road and pulled into a nice wide space. Many sites as well as Park Models are empty and we noticed For Sale signs on many of the Park Models. Eagle View had been half empty as well when we left - the exodus of the snowbirds is well underway!

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