Sunday, April 10, 2016


Boy, am I glad we decided to spend a second night here. While it was grey and overcast. - and chilly - it was relatively calm when we got up. But then the wind came up and big, black thunderheads started rolling across the sky. We got a few sprinkles of rain, but the big storm clouds passed us by. We had reports of flooding and power outages back in the Phoenix area. What we got was the wind! I'm sure glad we weren't out on the road in those big gusts.

We spent a relatively quiet day, but what a change from our winter sojourn. We were wearing long pants, sweaters and socks. So much for shorts and sandals!

I made a pear tart for breakfast and fixed porkchops with Brussels sprouts and apples in the oven for supper. In between, we watched the Mariners game. Not too happy about the way the season is going so far...
I had to tape the PBR from Little Rock as it was on the same time as the baseball game. It was tough to see JB Mauney get hurt when his bull tried to climb out of the chute and squashed him against the back of the chute. Sounds like he's got an injured hip pointer. Today's winners were definitely the bulls, but we were pleased that Ryan Dirteater rode his bull and won.

We had been thinking about heading over to Albuquerque to visit friends, but we were looking at both the calendar and the map and decided we are sort of running short of time to detour that far east. We think we'll go ahead and head to Gallup, New Mexico and then take 481 north to Farmington.

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