Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Errand Day

Toad II is a bit low on oil, but for the first time, we didn't bring any extra Schaeffer Oil with us (we did bring some for the Diesel engine in the RV...). We've checked a couple of places and made some phone calls without success. We talked with the techs at Schaeffer today and they suggested we just buy a quality name brand synthetic oil and add it.  We ended up going to O'Reilly Auto Parts at the recommendation of the local Chevron dealer who doesn't carry any synthetic oil. While we were there, we bought two new batteries from them as well.

From there it was off to the Post Office to mail some bill payments and to resend the shirts I had messed up the address on. Hopefully, this time I've gotten it right and my little great-nephews and niece will get their goodies.

Next stop was at the local Scottrade office in Mesa. We needed to make some adjustment to our accounts and I needed to find out how much I was going to have to take out for my Required Withdrawal from my IRA this year. 70 and a half seemed so far off when I set the IRA up, but it certainly arrived fast (and several years ago, at that!).

We headed back home and made a stop at the Citrus Ranch on Gilson Road. I've been wanting to stop by all winter, but it seems like the GPS never returned us home that way. It's kind of a shacky place with priced bags of various citrus piled on tables with an "Honor Cashbox." Next to the shack was a pasture with four Angus cows. They were grazing on oranges which were spread all over their pasture in long rows. I've seen cattle fed left over turnips and carrots, but never oranges!

We got home just in time to watch the Mariners beat the Texas Rangers 10-2! So much better than last night's game!

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