Thursday, April 8, 2010

Delightful Day Two & Too

Edith, Hector and me in front of their new home!

And Forrest, Edith and Hector!

We had ANOTHER delightful day of visiting today. We were back again in Dulzura at Edith and Hector's new home. This home was VERY exciting for us to see as it had only had the foundation dug and the rebar in when we left them. We had become friends early on as we struggled with getting approval of their well so that a permit for the house could be pulled. Edith has a bit of paradise at her home with her many, many plantings -- she has a VERY green thumb -- and her birds (including a parrot, a macaw and a myna bird)! She had many pictures of wild birds who had visited, but had never seen a bird book for identifying them. Forry soon took care of that!
After touring the house and yard, we drove into Eastlake with them and Omar, Edith's son from Morocco, for a wonderful seafood dinner at a Mexican restaurant named Hector's Mariscos! Once again, the food was splendid, but the conversation and laughter was even better.

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