Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Delightful Day!

Unfortunately, because she was taking the picture, Elsie is not in this picture of all of us gathered around the table --

We were guests this afternoon of our friends Steve and Elsie and their daughter Tammy and grand daughter Beka. It was such a delight to see them again! Steve and Elsie are the owners of the first house we helped to build in Dulzura, California when we were working with Mennonite Disaster Service last winter.

Elsie took this picture of Forry and I --

Then I took this picture of Tammy, Elsie and Steve (tired of adult talk, Beka was off with her nose in a Nancy Drew book by this time...) --

Tammy and Elsie fixed a wonderful dinner! We had both a tossed and a fruit salad, lasagna and garlic bread and a luscious strawberry pie. But as good as the food was, the fellowship and conversation was even better! Tammy and Beka had come to spend the week during Beka's Spring Break from school -- great timing on their part!

I had met Tammy first over the phone last year when she helped me plan the dedication for her parent's new home, then met her in person when she came for the ceremony. She's one of those neat people that seem from the very first to be someone you've known forever. And besides which, her father Steve claimed me as "another daughter!" We've stayed in touch through Facebook and occasional emails and shared family news and pictures.

Earlier in the day we had met Robin, the project coordinator for all of the rebuilds, in Lakeside for lunch at La Palapa. She was able to bring us up to date on most of the happenings with the various houses that had been destroyed in the Harris fires.

All in all, it was a most delightful day!

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