Sunday, April 11, 2010

From Newberry Springs to Pahrump

At Twin Lakes RV Park in Newberry Springs last night --

There are LOTS of these blooming along the Twin Lake roadside. One of my flower books call these lemon yellow blossoms Fendlers Desert Dandelions (Malacothrix fendleri) while the other just calls them Desert Dandelions (Malacothrix globrata). At first Forry estimated there must be millions of them, then recalculated that there must be a billion or more!

These are not nearly as plentiful, but they are gorgeous. They are White Tackstem or White Cupfruit (Calycoseris wrightii).

This is a section of the road coming out of Twin Lakes RV Park that leads to Hwy 15 -- real desert sand drifting across the road!

As we got closer and closer to Nevada, the traffic coming south got heavier and heavier and eventually slowed to a crawl. There was SEVEN MILES of this!

We arrived in Pahrump a little after two pm and had some difficulty finding Charleston Peak RV Resort & Winery. The RV Park is behind the winery, but there was no signs on the street the GPS unit brought us in on. We didn't want to drive into the area that seemed to be mostly housing development in case we wouldn't be able to turn around. So we unhooked the Toad in a bank parking lot (luckily it's Sunday and there was no one there) and went hunting. We came up the street from the other side -- and sure enough, there were the signs!

Got settled in just in time for a nice nap.

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