Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Trip to Las Vegas and Fremont Street

We have not spent any time in Las Vegas for many, many years! It was either in the late 70s or early 80s when we were on our way to Mexico with a group of Flying Farmers. Since we always went in the winter time when farming was slow, we would rendezvous in Las Vegas or Reno and wait for everyone else to arrive in their airplanes. Depending on the weather, we might be there for a few days. Circus, Circus was one of the few casinos in those days that would allow children and actually had places for them to play.

Since we are so close to Las Vegas, we decided that we should at least go visit for an afternoon. I had heard that they had closed the old downtown area (where we used to marvel at all of the neon) to cars and roofed it over with a huge light show in order to draw tourists back downtown from the now much more glamorous strip. The 10-15 minute light and music shows are done every hour. They are very bright and LOUD! And the people are almost as much fun to watch as the show.

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  1. people watching is always the best!