Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not Your Typical MDS House

We decided to return from the Mount Palomar Observatory yesterday via California SH 6. As we were entering the valley, we spotted an MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service) Work Site sign. We knew from what Gene and Darryll had told us that the Menno crew had worked on a two story house when they had been at the Ramona MDS Site. Sure that this must be it (we know of no other two story house that MDS has built), we stopped to take a look and take some pictures. It had only been in the framing stage when the Menno crew was there, so we thought they might like to see what it looked like now.

It turns out the house owner Chris (who's living in a motor home on the property) was outside and came over to talk to us. Chris is a single man, an artist/sculptor, who, with a friend designed the house. The inside is yet to be finished. Now that the Ramona MDS site has closed down, an MDS RV crew will be coming next month to do the interior work.
As always, it was delightful to talk with one of the home owners who has been helped by MDS. He had some great stories to tell of the various crews who had worked on his home this winter -- especially those who put up the big main beam by hand!
You can see the overcast skies behind the house. During the night last night, it began to rain and rained fairly gently most of the night. The temperature dropped almost forty degrees from the night before -- and it never did really warm up today.

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