Saturday, April 3, 2010

Teenagers, Wolves and Michael Hargis

Today was a pretty busy day. This noon we went to a hamburger and hotdog barbecue put on by some teenagers here at the RV camp that are trying to raise money to go to church camp this summer. Afterwards we headed to Julian to see the wolves.

We had seen a small ad in the back of the Julian, California guide for the California Wolf Center; we called them and heard a recorded message that they had public tours on Saturdays. There was not much information on their web-site and we had seen no signs or advertising. The ad only said that they were located four miles south of Julian on Highway 79. We drove six miles up the highway and couldn't find it, so turned around and headed back. A couple of miles back down the road Forry stopped to talk to a guy at his mail-box who directed us up the right lane. The Wolf Center is actually back behind a large Coast to Coast campground, but there is NO signage for it until you are at the gate.

At $7 per senior, you get to observe a 2 1/2 acre pen of four Arctic wolves, all brothers. They were actually pretty active today as this is one of the two days per week they are fed (after the public tour is over). There were also lots of ravens circulating around waiting for their share of the wolves feeding.

They are about 22 wolves at the Center -- seven are the Arctic wolves and the others are Mexican wolves. Most of the Mexican wolves are kept secluded from the public as they intend to release them back into the wild.
We got back to the park in time to watch the last of the Mariner's exhibition game with Denver and fix some scallops for dinner -- with Julian apple pie for dessert!
When we were at the Gypsy Journal Rally last month in Yuma, we were treated to a concert by Michael Hargis who sings country, pop, standards and 50/60s music. He and his wife Christy are the managers here at Ramona Canyon Resort. Tonight they put on a great concert here at the clubhouse. I think it was actually better then the show they did at the Rally.

It was certainly a fun ending to a long day!

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