Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Pictures From the past Few Days

Today I've got an assortment of shots we've taken over the last few days -- they really don't go together, but that's all right too. (Nobody ever said I was all together either...!)

This first shot is going over one of the passes -- 9808 feet -- on Highway 14 going to Bryce Canyon National Park. There was no snow on the road itself, but I was wondering what kind of descriptive words Eskimos would have for the various kinds of snow crystals in these drifts along the road?

This is what was going on back at Auntie Violet. (I took the picture through the window -- the white streaks are reflections...) The birds are going through a sack of thistle seed a day! At one time we counted nine finches and least gold finches on the bag at one time!

This lady was seen along the road on our way to Zion National Park. The sign advertised "longhorns and quarter horses for sale," but she's the only one that was grazing out in the pasture. (We did see some lying down further away chewing their cud by a fence.)

These are another Northwest plant that we saw down along one of the hanging garden areas of Zion. This are Fairy Bells usually seen in the NW woods -- and in our wooded yard at the house in Spokane!

This little beauty "Shooting Star" (Dodecatheon pulchellum) has a range from Alaska to Mexico and was also seen in Zion.

This is the articulated propane-powered shuttle bus that takes you on the scenic drive through Zion. There is no charge and you can get on and off at any of the stops on the way up and back.

I've struggled with the identity of this flower and plant for several days. It is blooming along the road from Saint George to the RV Park. I knew the flower looked like a beardstongue, but the foliage didn't correspond to any of the pictures I had. I finally found a picture of it on the Zion Park website. I'm pretty sure it's Tompson's Beardstongue (Penstemon thompsoniae).

We spotted this unusual Mercedes "bus" in the parking lot at Zion Park. We saw it later at a campground with a side pulled out. There were large gas burner stoves built into the bottom luggage compartments. There were 20+ people milling around beside it getting dinner.

Today was another quiet day at the RV Park. The wind has finally died down, but it is partially cloudy. We'll go over to the clubhouse later to hear another Michael Hargis concert. We were quite surprised to discover that Mike and Christy are now managing this Western Horizons Park. It will be fun to hear him again -- and I'm sure he may enjoy it more than fixing the leaky valve across the road from us that he's had to dig out the last couple of days!

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  1. The last flower looks like desert 4 o' clock.