Friday, April 9, 2010

More From Borrego Springs

A man name Dennis Avery has purchased multiple acres on either side of the community of Borrego Springs which he calls Galleta Meadows. He commissioned Mexican artist Ricardo Arroyo Breceda to "create "Sky Art" for Galleta Meadows, vertebrates of the past which inhabited the Anza-Borrego region during the Pliocene-Pleistocene and Miocene eras."

These are HUGE metal sculptures, some as tall as twenty feet high. They are placed rather realistically out in the desert where you can drive or hike out to see them close up.

This is a mammoth sloth mama carrying her baby on her back --

A saber-toothed tiger attacking a prehistoric ancestor of the horse --

A camelid mother and baby --

The prehistoric "hippo" horses --

A mammoth anteater and baby --

This is a multi-year commission of sculpture. We had down-loaded a map and brochure from the internet ( , but found that there were many more sculptures that have evidently been created since the brochure was written. Avery says, "As our personal project we decided to make three dimensional recreations of our original inhabitants of Borrego Springs."

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