Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More From Death Valley

Here are more of the many pictures we took in Death Valley yesterday. This first one is a very tiny low-growing flower called Whitemargin Spurge (Chamaesyce albomarginata) --

This is Desert Gold -- it's the one that makes acres and acres of fields look yellow (yesterday's picture) --

This tufted beauty is Scented Cryptantha or Scented Forget-Me-Not (Cryptantha utahensis). We found scattered clumps of this in washes --

There were small gray mounds along the road that looked like turtles. If you got out and looked closely, you could see the tiny yellow flowers. Rightly enough, the common name is Turtleback (Psathyrotes ramosissima).

Here's Forry on the boardwalk along Salt Creek trying to get pictures of the tiny pupfish. That was his photograph of the fish on yesterday's blog --

That is the widest part of Salt Creek -- it narrows down to just a foot or so as you go further up. It's mostly just a few inches deep and very clear.
Today we were both TIRED! I even took a nap this morning! We did a few chores around Auntie Violet, but mostly just read, worked on the computer, and watched TV.
JUST A NOTE: I do not by any means claim to be a wildflower expert! I use several field guides and the Internet to try to identify plants. BUT, I welcome any corrections you might have for what I have tentatively identified! I'd certainly like your comments!

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