Friday, April 2, 2010

Sutherland Reservoir

These are pictures of the dam at San Diego's Sutherland Reservoir located halfway between Ramona and Julian. It's a very strange looking dam with its rounded sections. From what we can find out, it's one of the reservoirs that provide drinking water to San Diego. We had planned to go birding there, but the gate on the road in was padlocked closed. The sign said that the reservoir was open for fishing on Saturdays and Sundays only...

You can see by the water lines on the dam, the water level is quite low. California has had drought conditions for the past three years and even all of the rain they've had this winter hasn't raised the level all that much.
I looked it up on the internet this evening to see if I could find out anything about the unusual design, but didn't have any luck. The one tidbit of information I found is that dogs are prohibited from being within fifty feet of the shoreline.
We came home by way of the San Ysabel Casino and had their $4.95 Prime Rib Dinner which they offer every Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (one of the fellows at the RV park had told Forry about it). It was served with baked or mashed potatoes, spring vegetables and au jus. It was really good -- and went well with their Senior's $2 glass of wine!

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