Sunday, April 4, 2010

EARTHQUAKE! San Diego and a Hike...

It's kind of rough going --

but Forry leads the way back down the hill above camp. We followed an overgrown drainage ditch after the trail petered out...

A close-up of the blooms on one of the yuccas blooming on the hillside --

Can you visualize the size of the plant when you compare it to the blooms above?

I would guess there is three to three and a half feet of blossoms!

A very Blessed Easter to all of you from the Hardts!

'Twas a most interesting day for us. We started out with a trip to the Church of the Brethren in San Diego which we had attended last year while we were working with MDS in Dulzura. It was a wonderful Easter celebration.

We were back at Auntie Violet reading the Sunday paper when she started to shake! It was pretty mild at first, then progressed to some pretty good movement. I told Forry it felt like a big elk was rubbing the velvet off his antlers on the rear of the motor home! It lasted for a good minute or so. Although things seemed to shake pretty quite a bit, nothing fell -- not even the rose-bud in a bud vase on the counter that I had been given at church this morning! We learned later that there had been a 7.2 earthquake with the epi-center in the northern portion of Baja!

Later this afternoon we finally took a hike up the hill in back of the RV Park. We've been planning to do so ever since we arrived, but there always seemed to be something else we wanted to do or see. We were a bit disappointed that we didn't see more birds up there, but we did see lots of flowers. There were some magnificent yuccas in bloom -- I continue to be amazed at how glorious they are.

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