Monday, May 2, 2016

A Lazy Day

After a pretty busy weekend, we laid pretty low today. I spent a good share of it on the phone. I started with our credit union. I had ordered some checks last week and the company had called me on Saturday to say that the numbers on the voided check I had sent with the order were no longer valid. I checked our credit union's website and the routing number was just fine. Thinking that maybe I was being scammed, I called the credit union this morning. Turns out our account number had been changed in 2011! The lady on the phone assured me the remainder of my checks were just fine and usable, and yes, new ones needed to have the new number! I guess it just goes to show how few checks I write anymore, using Billpay and my debit card for almost everything we buy or pay.

Next I made reservations for our next move to Cheney and Ponderosa Falls on May 9th. Then it was online to purchase tickets for our Son-in-law Scott's play "Merely Players", at the Firehouse Performing Arts Theatre in Bellingham on May 21st.

Lastly I started on Doctor appointments and eye exams. I got appointments with our primary care doctor, the optometrist, and Forry's back surgeon. I left a message with the scheduler for his CPAP review and had a debate with the heart specialist's scheduler about the physician we want to see (We liked the physician he saw in the hospital a great deal more than the one we saw in the office beforehand. He gave us his card and said it wouldn't be a problem to change, but the scheduler wanted to get the first guy's permission first...).

I still need to arrange an appointment with Forry's dermatologist, but I think I'll wait on that one until we get back from Granddaughter Kyra's HS graduation.

In the midst of all this, I got a recorded call from our dentist's office reminding us of our dentist appointments TOMORROW. I immediately called the office and said I had the appointments on Wednesday, not tomorrow! The receptionist said she couldn't believe she had gotten the wrong day, then sounded chagrined wondering how many other patients she had told the wrong day!

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