Sunday, May 29, 2016

Puppy Love!

We are tired tonight! Our friends Leslie and Bill came over from their motel this morning and we hopped (or climbed slowly in) into their yellow Rubicon for a road trip to Walla Walla. We had planned to have Sunday brunch at one of the new Main Street restaurants in WW. But, everyone else had the same idea. The one restaurant we found that was open had a ninety minute wait!

We ended up at a Mexican restaurant called El Sombrero off the main drag for huevos rancheros. Not exactly what we had planned, but darned good. After we filled our tummies, we headed out to Touchet and Sister Sherry's farm.

Sherry had given each of her three mastiff's a pig's ear to chew on just before we got there, so they were pretty mellow when they saw us. We sat in the sun outside the shop and enjoyed the afternoon. Sherry always has a stack of rags handy for the three dogs who do slobber a lot, but we had a lot of fun with them. Leslie and Bill got a kick out of Keiko San's soccer playing with his bowling ball. He is very adept at racing across the yard with the ball using his feet and nose. Leslie had a great time playing soccer with him, but I think she's going to have some sore feet tomorrow after kicking that bowling bowl.

It was a good visit. Leslie and Bill have heard so many stories of the farm and my sister, and Sherry has heard multiple tales of our adventures with Bill and Leslie, so I think they enjoyed meeting each other and putting faces to the stories. Leslie posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook of her afternoon, especially a fun video of Keiko.

We made the loop back to Kennewick, ate once more, this time at a Chinese restaurant, then returned to the RV resort. It was a good day.

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