Thursday, May 19, 2016


The Mariners are in Baltimore, so the Noon game there meant an early morning game here. It felt a bit strange to be watching baseball while eating breakfast. But it was a nice way to start the day with a Mariners win!

I finished up the laundry this morning, but it's been raining, so things are still not dry.  I had gotten so used to Arizona's dry humidity, that it's hard not being able to have clothes dry and ready to put away in just an hour or so.

We checked out the new coffee kiosk on the corner as you come towards Thomas Mallon Road and Ponderosa Falls RV Resort. We've watched them preparing the lot, building the little building and paving the area since last fall. They finally opened it this month. Forry had a mocha and I had their "special" blend. They do good drinks!

Interesting evening of TV shows. Most everything we watch is having their season finale. Some are done until Fall and I think a couple are finished...

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