Friday, May 6, 2016

Rest Day

Today was a badly needed rest day. Except that I got woke up by the CPAP doctor's scheduler calling to say that he didn't need to see Forry until August. So we went ahead and got that appointment made.

Forry and I did get the RV vacuumed. When we use the regular vacuum instead of the robot, it's a two person task for us. Neither one of our backs like it very well, so we trade off a room at a time. It was badly needed. I even got clean sheets on the bed!

We made a quick trip into town into town late in the afternoon to pick up the mail at General Delivery that Daughter MM had sent. It took a while to get it all opened and sorted. I'll do some filing tomorrow.

I made nachos for supper while we watched the Mariners win another game.

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